a Łódź Design Festival plebiscite
for the best
Polish products

must have is a contest organized by Lodz Design Festival since 2008 in which every year we single out the best implementations by Polish designers and manufacturers to reflect the most important trends in local design. It is a free quality mark to be used in Poland and abroad. It was created to spread the good Polish design and thus promote native business and designers. must have is a kind of a consumer recommendation – the highlighted objects are worth having.

Submissions to the contest are open and are free of charge. The Council of Experts, after reviewing the market, also gives its own nominations. Products entering the competition must meet two basic requirements: be of Polish origin and be available for sale. Out of all the nominations the Council of Experts chooses the best-designed products. The Council consists of representatives of the media and the most important centers of design in Poland.

must have 2019:

From among 424 products subject to assessment, 234 have been proposed directly by designers and producers and 190 nominated by representatives of the Board of Experts. During debates quality label of must have was granted to 69 objects. From June 1 laureates can use must have logotype for promotion purposes, on 25 of May at a gala held during Lodz Design Festival //17-26.05.2019// all those chosen in this year’s edition of the plebiscite received statuettes designed by Bartek Mejor and produced by “Porcelana Kristoff”. We invited laureates to present products at the exhibition accompanying this year’s edition of the festival.


The promotion of must have lasts all year through:

- the collaboration between Lodz Design Festival and the industry press, i.a. columns in selected magazines
- posting fun facts about selected projects on the fanpage of Lodz Design in the cycle [Wednesdays with #must have]
- featuring selected products in gift catalogs prepared by Lodz Design team for Christmas and Children's Day
- organizing panels and lectures addressed to entrepreneurs from design industry during the Festival
- publishing an extensive article on must have in an insert about Lodz Design Festival in "Dobre Wnętrze" (circulation: 40,000 copies) and Architektura-Murator ( circulation: 15.000 copies). Preview of the published articles www.issuu.com/lodzartcenter 

Have a look at the footage of the meeting of the Council of Experts and the preparations for the must have exhibition during last year's festival:


Videos from previous foreign exhibitions: 

  • video from the exhibition in Berlin

  • must have from Poland in Milan 2012