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design: Weronika Łuczak, Julianna Łuczak, Jakub Łuczak / the manufacturer's name: Projektowanie Graficzne and Przestrzenne Sp. z o.o. category: hobby, entertainment, education www.warszachy.pl

Chess and Warsaw architecture. The buildings we chose are more than their appealing design, and chess is more than an incidental game. By discovering the correlations between the pieces on the board, we discover them in the city, and in learning their history, we start to understand the combination of chance and strategy that create the Warsaw experience. You shouldn’t take the buildings, nor their placement on board, at the face value. The interplay between them is what inspired us in the first place. We chose the game because of the unique connection of various pieces. We chose the city because of the unusual history of its development and plain nostalgia.