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Sula bench

design: Bartłomiej Pawlak, Łukasz Stawarski (Pawlak & Stawarski) / the manufacturer's name: Holme category: furniture www.holme.xyz

Sula was created to ensure schoolchildren's comfort. The bench's design enables quick and easy rearrangement of the classroom furniture for group work. Owing to the worktop shape, the benches can be arranged into a three and six-person layout, in a double row or one next to another. Such classroom arrangements foster modern teaching and allow quick rearrangement.

The bench is available in two sizes suited to the schoolchildren's heights. Sula features holders on both sides arranged to prevent the hung backpack from occupying the space under the bench needed for free and ergonomic sitting. The worktop oval edges are much safer for pupils than the standard square ones. Moreover, the bench is equipped with a special holder to suspend Boto chair under the worktop - it helps keep the classroom tidy and its cleaning. Despite having five legs, Sula benches can be stacked, which facilitates its storage and significantly reduces its transportation costs and hence does not harm the environment.