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design: Adam Szczęsny / the manufacturer's name: Yam Yest Design hobby, entertainment, education www.yyd.pl

The Smolboi is the most compact grill you have ever seen. It was created to say goodbye to disposable garbage grills. It is also a convenient alternative to popular grills that require time and commitment to assembly.

You don't need any tools to assemble the Smolboi. The elements are connected with hinges and connect in a keyway. The material from which it is made is a thick sheet of acid-resistant steel, approved for contact with food. If stored properly, the grill will not rust. When folded, Smolboi measures approx. 22cm x 10cm x 7cm, and when "flat" it measures only 22cm x 10cm x 2cm! You can always have it with you – in a backpack, in the car, in a bicycle rack. The grill is placed in the dishwasher. Perfect for soloists or couples. It is sold in a set with a durable denim pouch.