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SILESIA – a collection of table items

design: Ekierki Design (Joanna Leciejewska, Agnieszka Mazurek) . the manufacturer's name: Adam Krzeminski Boomplastic category: equipment (lighting, accessories) www.boomplastic.com

„SILESIA – a collection of table items” is inspired by the industrial architecture of Śląsk region (Silesia). It symbolically represents the message of the inevitable harm to nature that man does to live in luxury and comfort. Through the project, we try to proclaim not only the idea of the need to reduce human wastefulness and thoughtlessness in human existence but also a way to use the waste of human consumerism. The designers want to draw people’s attention to the possibility of using the unique properties of plastic, which, if used wisely, can change the perception of this unusual material. In addition to physical properties and plasticity, it allows you to create durable items „for years” in the spirit of the idea of limiting the amount of objects around us, also the zero waste idea – 100% recycled. Each „SILESIA” facility is made of a different type of material, which gives a unique visual effect, its uniqueness, but is also a different type of recycled material. Thus, each item symbolizes the global problem of environmental pollution with a given material.

In the project, combine elements made of recycled fishing nets in a greenish-blue color, recycled colored bottle caps and plastic packaging resembling granite. Although the inspiration comes from Silesia region, the mentioned problem of pollution and waste is permeating the environment and thus affects all of us. As the problem concerns the infiltration of pollutants into the environment, the elements of our design interpenetrate — it is visible in the material used and in the possibility of any combination. We created utility objects with a sculptural form. Objects, apart from giving a new function to the used material, carry a metaphorical message. In order to emphasize the used material, we decided to use simple, geometric forms. This allows users to play with objects. It attracts the attention, thanks to which it allows you to get acquainted with the topic of the problem of plastic waste.

www.ekierki.com; www.boomplastic.com; www.nowymodel.org