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„S.O.S. Dog” book

design: projekt: Katarzyna Antczak, Katarzyna (Fryza) Księżopolska / the manufacturer's name: Kropka Publishing category: hobby, entertainment, education www.wydawnictwokropka.com.pl

„S.O.S. Dog” book is nothing less than a „dog manual” for the youngest!

In this simple picture book, the advice given by the dog, called Bąbel (Bubbles), will teach children how to deal with a dog in different situations, for example, when he signals that he is hungry, wants to go for a walk, feels insecure or wants to play. Bąbel explains how to recognize such signals and what action to take. Each of us has a superpower and can make a dog happy, we just need to know how to do it! This book by Katarzyna Antczak, who is a dog psychologist, illustrated by Katarzyna (Fryza) Księżopolska, will surely help.