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design: Kama Mucha, Labra Team / the manufacturer's name: Labra Sp. z o.o. category: equipment (lighting, accessories) www.labra.pl/news/czysta-forma-swiatla

Light, minimalist PURA designed by Kama Mucha fills the gap between decorative and technical lighting without interfering with the existing space. A well-thought-out mounting system eliminates the problem of leaving one central electrical outlet by using the sliding power box. Depending on the length, each model is equipped with 2-, 3- or 4-LED modules with three diodes with a microscopic TIR lens. This ensures the proper distribution of light and its intensity. The aluminum body with a diameter of only 16mm is suspended on two wires in elastomeric covers, which also have a power supply function. In a project, the most important is light – allowing you to sit at the table for a long time without the tiring effect of glare.