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design: Paulina Shacalis, Studio OMNIRES / the manufacturer's name: OMNIRES category: equipment (lighting, accessories) www.omnires.com

OMNIRES OVO M+ collection features baths and basins with minimalist, expressive silhouettes and impeccable proportions. Toying with geometrical shapes created a design based on two semicircles. Its harmonious character is consistent with the principles of classic symmetry. The innovative form combines beauty with functionality — the low-set bottom of the basin and the bath is at floor level, while the walls have an optimum height. As a result, the products’ depth allows for their comfortable use. Water does not splash over the sides of the basin, while the bath’s lower setting is ideal for bathing children and makes getting in and out of the bath much easier. The collection is made of a composite material whose main component is Polish dolomite rock. The properties of the material and the innovative production technology guarantee impeccable execution of every detail and remarkable durability. The collection’s accurate designs show off their harmoniously contoured walls. Their form is further emphasized by a flat edge with a contemporary look. The elegantly profiled bottom and a perfectly matching waste cover guarantee the highest level of aesthetic perfection.

The products come in two versions of classic white — gloss and matt — as well as in six nature-inspired matt finishes: terracotta, coral, olive, midnight blue, ash grey and black lava.