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LUNA mirrors collection

design: Aleksandra Giera / the manufacturer's name: GieraDesign category: equipment (lighting, accessories) www.gieradesign.pl

Decorative mirrors inspired by the image of the moon in different phases and positions in the sky. The mysterious glare from behind the Luna mirror adds to the exceptional ambience in the room and complements the mirror's irregular shape. The touch-free brightness controller helps modify the intensity of the LED light. Mirrors in the LUNA collection make original and eye-catching wall decorations.

The collection includes:

  • LUNA mirror – it is like a growing moon. Its mysterious glare emerges from behind the semi-circular pane and gets the room out of darkness,
  • LUNA SEMI mirror – the mirror centre consists of two parts in different colours.

A broad range of mirror colours enables creating a decoration suited to the room's design. The client can adapt LUNA and LUNA SEMI mirrors to their needs by:

  • selecting the colour of light and the touch-free switch as an option,
  • selecting the size available in the regular range or customised,
  • changing the colour scheme. The mirrors are available in eleven colour schemes: silver, golden, copper, graphite, bronze, green, blue, black and weathered (three versions).