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Phab cabinet

design: Piotr Grzybowski Magdalena Hubka / the manufacturer's name: Swallow's Tail Furniture category: furniture www.stfurniture.com

Phab cabinet is a simple story, just like the concept of its creation. As simple as the minimalistic solid, complying with the ABC of aesthetics and based on an original construction idea. Piotr Grzybowski and Magdalena Hubka, the sideboard designers from Swallow's Tail Furniture, were concerned about two essential contexts. The first one was to add to a sideboard's standard storage function by providing it with a decorative context and unique structural concept. The other one - by no means less important - was related to recycling valuable wood waste generated during furniture production.

The design concept of the Phab cabinet is supposed to represent the combination of its simple form and functionality while highlighting the warmth and durability of natural material. This is achieved through the rhythmic detail of the sideboard fronts. In its contrastive structure, the rhythm of wood attracts a glance and redirects it to the beautiful material - natural oakwood. The rhythmic accent decorating the surfaces is created from valuable edgings left from the production of tables.Nonetheless, this is not the only element of the design concept. The crucial aspects of the design include what you can see and how Phab is constructed.The designers aimed to literally and figuratively place the heavy and robust solid of the sideboard in brackets - the spans maintain the sideboard's body as if it was airborne. The idea behind it was to lift the broad, solid and compact sideboard block so that it was suspended between the spans and did not create the sense of overwhelming. The theoretical assumptions led to the creation of Phab - simple in its form, timeless and aimed to adapt in an interior neutrally.

The name Phab is an acronym of the first letters, which stand for the following words in Polish: P for air (PL. powietrze), H for horizon, A for accent and B for block.