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Hoker MIAM

design: Bartłomiej Pawlak & Łukasz Stawarsk (Pawlak & Stawarski) / the manufacturer's name: LOFT Decora category: furniture www.loftdecora.pl

The MIAM family consists of a stool and stools of two heights. Its atypical structure is based on three identical elements that combine to form the risers of the legs and the levels of the footrests, giving the impression of being braided together. The furniture is available in various colors and with a wooden or upholstered seat.

For the creation of MIAM, we used a minimum of means of expression: a minimum of structural elements, a minimum of technological operations and production procedures to obtain the maximum effect. The structure is based on „braiding” together 3 elements shaped so that each of them is simultaneously a leg and a footrest, additionally they are bent only in one plane. Thanks to this, their creation is much easier. The new collections bring new solutions to the company, i.e., upholstered seats and new colors.