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Gummy Bear

design: Jan Kochański / the manufacturer's name: Bejot Sp. z o.o. category: furniture www.bejot.eu

The Gummy Bear armchairs catch your attention with their original design, evoking associations with the popular gummy candies.

The material used in the production is rotomoulded plastic that guarantees durability, weather resistance and long service life, after which it can be fully recycled. The seats are available in five colours: white, grey, beige, grey-melange and graphite-melange. An upholstered seat cushion is an additional accessory.

Gummy Bear will prove useful in rest areas or hotel lobbies. The GB ROTO model can also be used in outdoor spaces: on terraces, balconies and in restaurant gardens. It was designed by Jan Kochański, a well-known Polish designer who combines technical knowledge and experimentation with materials in his work. In the coming weeks, special tables, poufs and planters will be added to the collection.