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Carpets from Bolesławiec

design: Magdalena Gazur (Manufaktura w Bolesławcu), Samarth Home Design / the manufacturer's name: Samarth Home Design category: equipment (lighting, accessories) www.manufakturawboleslawcu.com

Carpets from Bolesławiec is a union of two Polish craftwork brands – Manufaktura z Bolesławca and Samarth Home Design. Despite the differences in ceramic ware production and weaving, there processes bear many similarities. The manufacturing process is labour- and time-consuming because the products are handmade. Making of ceramic ware and long hours of weaving cover a number of stages until obtaining a full-size carpet. Every detail is carefully finished and every item unique, which is characteristic of hand-made production. Easier production control and making potential modifications - manual work offers the luxury of flexibility and openness to changes during the creative process that has not changed for hundreds of years, despite the inevitable implementation of technological improvements.