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design: UAP: Klaudia Janikowska, Yuliya Neronskaya / the manufacturer's name: Noti category: furniture www.noti.pl

Banffy is a stool that stands out for its playful form and a variety of colour versions. Inspired by a children's toy, the piece is made of variously sized discs stacked one on top of another. The key advantage of the stool is its base which allows Banffy to follow the position of the user by inclining slightly, thus increasing the user’s range of movement (maximum inclination: 12 degrees). In this way, Banffy makes you more alert, focused and concentrated.

The stool meets the requirements of contemporary working spaces designed in accordance with the Activity Based Workplace concept. Users can work actively both sitting and standing at adjustable height desks. With its broad range of sitting height adjustment, the stool adapts easily to changing user needs: it can be a classic low stool or a standing desk chair. Banffy is an excellent choice for all home and office spaces.'

The piece was designed as part of the 19th edition of the Education and Design Programme coorganised with the University of the Arts in Poznań (UAP). Co-working space was the leitmotif of the Programme.