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A set of two memory games: "A visit to the waterworld" and "A visit to the forest"

design: Katarzyna Walentynowicz (design, illustrations, publishing house), Paulina Kaucz (texts), Marta Walentynowicz (substantive support), Piżmak Studio (photos) / the manufacturer's name: Katarzyna Walentynowicz category: hobby, entertainment, education www.kasiawalentynowicz.com

This memory game ("A visit to the waterworld - animals and plants of the Polish waters" and "A visit to the forest - animals, plants and mushrooms of the Polish forests / protected species") are dedicated to animal, plant and mushroom species protected in Poland - in habiting forests and water environment. The purpose of the gamesis to increase the children's environmentala wareness through play. The boxes and memory cards are made of craftpaper - non-bleached, non-smoothed and non-coated; itis a mixture of raw and recycled fibres. The paper is recyclable. The box stiffening element sare made of waste paper. Each box contains a small educational poster for colouring.
The environmentally friendly design (eco-friendly materials) matches the environmental message communicated by the games.

The memory game received a distinction in the Design of the Year 2020/2021 competition held by the Association of Professional Polish Graphic Designers in the "Environmentally Friendly Design" category.