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Triglav Candelabrum

The manufacturer's name: Zieta Studio / Desinger: Oskar Zięta www.zieta.pl

Triglav is a steel candelabra from Zieta Studio, with three arms of unusual shape, made of the fully recyclable polished stainless steel. It is therefore another object in Zieta's portfolio that fits in with the philosophy of the circular economy.

Designed by Oskar Zięta, Triglav’s form refers to the realm of architecture. Its three arms of various heights are like three towers or columns of a fantastic modern building – delicate with their verticality and slenderness, but stable and unyielding thanks to their innovative construction made with the FiDU technology.

Triglav is an object whose essence lies in the juxtaposition of the polished steel’s coolness with the organic shape of the candle holder’s arms. Moreover, steel juxtaposed with burning candles emits unexpected reflections and fills the interior with a warm glow. Triglav's form evokes the interiors of Gothic cathedrals. Its function, on the other hand, encourages creating an atmosphere of relaxation and tranquillity in private spaces.

Dedicated candles in a geometric shape are part of the project as well. Made of stearin, they burn longer than paraffinic ones and do not emit any toxic substances during the combustion process.

Thanks to its asymmetrical shape, the Triglav candelabrum is full of unexpected opportunities. Depending on the point of view, it presents its different aspects. The geometric, pure form makes it a contemporary decorative object that will adorn a table and an elegant sideboard. With or without the candles inside, it will impress with its exquisite sculptural openwork volume.