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the manufacturer's name: POPIEL / designer: Justyna Górowska www.popiel.store

The POPIEL studio's main product series are the vases, which represent a contemporary interpretation of ancient craftsmanship for the purposes of applied arts. The vase designs were prepared on the basis of a three-dimensional scan of the original vessels of the Pomeranian Culture (7th – 3rd century BC)  one of the most mysterious pre-Christian cultures of the region of northern Poland and eastern Germany. This culture developed an original form of burial. Ancestors' ashes were placed in special face urns called in Polish popielnica [ashtray], with a reproduced image of the deceased. 

The 3D-printed POPIEL vases are a modern interpretation of this unique handicraft tradition. There are 4 vases named after some representatives of the Slavic pantheon: Nija, Perun, MamunaLelPolel, and Svaroga candleholder. 

One of the core pillars of POPIEL’s mission is restoring harmony with nature, which was cherished by our pagan ancestors. The studio did not use plastic to create the vases – all products were made of biodegradable PLA filament based on corn starch.