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Otel Z

the manufacturer's name: CHORS / designer: BUCK.STUDIO www.chors.pl

Otel is a series of minimalist lighting fixtures created by BUCK.STUDIO, designed on the basis of revolving solids: a cone, a ball and a cylinder, which are the fundamental element of the collection and its hallmark. The Otel series allows for a wide selection of lighting types depending on the individual needs of the recipient. The variety of variants of the series enables the selection of the direction of the light emitted from the luminaire (up or down) and gives the possibility of creating many combinations. The versatility of the Otel collection makes the lamps fit perfectly into interiors of various purposes and character.

The Sunlike technology used in the luminaires offers light that transfers the sun's energy to the interior. The full spectrum of sunlight allows for accurate colour reproduction and thus improves mood and concentration. Sunlike technology is in line with the Human Centric Lighting trend, which emphasizes the importance of light in our interiors and its impact on our health.