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the manufacturer's name: MALAFOR / designer: Agata Kulik-Pomorska, Paweł Pomorski www.malafor.co

O-KRĘGI collection comprises coffee tables, totems and other decorative objects. The concept is based on selecting the stone when buying the item and the possibility of changing the design during the product's future life in the particular interior.

The responsible use of natural stone in production and leaving as little waste as possible were the priorities at O-KRĘGI collection designing. The shape of a circle makes this vision feasible.

The project originates from the need to find ways to use marble and granite waste. We saw pieces of stones stored at the building sites during our work – they were to end up buried in the ground or used for surface hardening. Marble is not a renewable material, and some of its deposits have been severely exploited or about to be exhausted.

The parts of coffee tables and totems are cut from marble pieces classified as waste in floor or worktop production but still remain a quality material. The concept of production from waste offers new aesthetic opportunities for the product and its owner, who can change the item's appearance during its life.