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Plant stand Tillo T4

The manufacturer's name: Bujnie / Desinger: Izabela i Szymon Serej www.bujnie.pl

Tillo is a new collection of plant stands for several plants from Bujnie. 

Inspirations to create them, like many of our other projects. were in architecture. In this case, the modernist type. 

Having in mind such modernist like Willa Stenersen by Arne Korsmo in Oslo or Willa Tugendhat in Brno by Mies van der Rohe we were looking for forms, which will refer to their projects and at the same time could constitute one of the elements of their interior. 

The starting point in this design is functionality and the need to display more plants on one plant stand. Differences in levels of individual saucers provide full exposure for all plants and mobile ones side flaps are for individual arrangement. Whole characterized by lightness in form, elegant simplicity, functionality and natural curves. 

Additionally, with this collection in extended versions for decorative purposes, we use a multi-coloured material made of recycled plastic waste. This way we would like to contribute to changing minds about waste and show that they can provide a timeless, beautiful decoration.