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"Miasto Potwór" [Monster City] book

the manufacturer's name: Wydawnictwo Kropka / designer: Joanna Guszta (text), Przemysław Liput (illustrations) www.wydawnictwokropka.com.pl

Scarrry story about a friendly city space…

Wait, wait! Who is really a monster here? The city looks monstrous. The monster specialises in urban issues. When it appears in Miastoszewo [Cityfordshire], the inhabitants begin to understand what is going on. But who will eat whom at the end of the story? Read the book, where you might find your own cities and monsters or even learn something new from them?

Reader-friendly language and attractive illustrations with humour being their common denominator show the children that everybody is responsible for their city and can contribute to the urban space being nice and friendly. We teach the fundamentals of aesthetics and the sense of community with a funny story and simple rules summarised at the end of the book.

Meet the monster, which is by no means monstrous. It emerges from deep waters and discovers that the city it wanted to devour is not suitable for the purpose. It lacks the tastiest urban delicacies - trees, silence, calm and places for people to meet. Instead of eating the city, the monster decides to reconstruct it. I have already made friend with it. - FILIP SPRINGER

The book is meant for children aged 6+.