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TATOOTABOO porcelain collection

the manufacturer's name: Look At Me Plates / designer: Magdalena Pilaczyńska – Look At Me Plates, Sambor Wilk www.lookatmeplates.com

TATOOTABOO is a porcelain collection created by graphic designer and designer Magdalena Pilaczyńska, founder of the Look At Me Plates brand and film director Sambor Wilk. The inspiration for its creation were prison tattoos. Paintings on the skin are a very characteristic element of the prison subculture. They have their own symbolism, meaning, and some even emotional mysticism. To the public, they may seem cheesy, incomprehensible and threatening. But it is tattoos that say a lot about the life, past and criminal achievements of a prisoner.

Magdalena Pilaczyńska has been working with ceramics for a long time. She created her own brand Look At Me Plates. Sambor Wilk is a film director. It was during the shooting of one of the productions, the story about the work of the Department for Combating Criminal Terror and Murder of the Warsaw Police Headquarters, after talking to former officers of this department, he came up with the idea of perpetuating and using prison tattoos in a creative way.

Magdalena and Sambor "tattooed" motifs on porcelain from the bodies of prisoners. They used drawings that were often imperfect and dark. The slogans they have preserved appear on the porcelain as well original, not always correctly spelt. The project is the collision of two opposite worlds – the fragile and delicate porcelain with a rough, prison aesthetic. The collection consists of dishes that can be used to serve food, but plates and platters can also be hung on the wall as decoration.