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Xilo collection of glass lamps

The manufacturer's name: Labra Sp. z o.o. / Designer: Maciej Karpiak www.labra.pl

Xilo lamps are a type of indoor minimalistic light sculptures. The lamp shades create tasteful setting for the light source – it is particularly visible for bulk-coloured glass. It is one of the most precious glass varieties, exceptionally transparent and with crystal gloss, and the colour accentuating the interior style. White opal adds to home hygge – it is a monolith light sculpture with cosy warm light that fosters relaxation and suits any interior.  

The uniqueness of Xilo derives from the size of the lamp shades and excellent quality of hand-made glass. Blowing of the two largest lamp shades is done at the performance limits of experienced glass blowers. Labra decided to entrust this task with Polish glassworks to praise local crafts.  

The craftsmanship mastery is combined with state-of-the art LED technology and modern forms. The glass colours and quality provide a new and decorative dimension for the light.