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HN 2021 Collection – ethical cactus leather garments

the manufacturer's name: High Numbers / designer: Wojciech Szczepański, Patryk Gmurkowski www.highnumbers.eu

HN 2021 collection was designed by Wojciech Szczepański, co-founder of High Numbers – founded in 2020 ethical ready-to-wear brand from Poland. High Numbers chose their name after a British slang phrase from the 60s that refers to the neatest, well-dressed, and as unique as numbers individuals.

HN 2021 collection is defined by high-quality vegan cactus leather jackets, trousers, skirt and shirt that redefine the hip and neat style. The garments were designed following European modernism - the British street style of the 60s, especially the Mod subculture style, and German Bauhaus geometrical aesthetics.

High Numbers aims to redefine the swinging lifestyle and give it a modern, refreshed touch. That is why the HN 2021 collection emphasizes sexual liberation and non-stereotypical gender roles — values manifested in the Mod style.

For High Numbers, a sustainable approach is a holistic one. That is why HN 2021 collection was created using sustainable materials at every stage of the production process:

  • The vegan leather is made of organic nopal cactus. The fabric is a sustainable, cruelty-free and breathable alternative to animal skin.
  • All linings are made of organic bamboo viscose. Bamboo grows very fast, doesn’t need pesticides or fertilisers, and requires small amounts of water to grow.
  • Zippers tapes, threads and labels are made of recycled plastic bottles.

High Numbers sustainable practices don’t rest on the materials alone. The HN 2021 collection promotes an inclusive, equality-driven culture, was produced locally in Poland, the craftsmen that created it were paid fairly, and pricing of the garments is transparent.