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the manufacturer's name: Holme / designer: Bartłomiej Pawlak, Łukasz Stawarski (Pawlak & Stawarski) www.holme.xyz

Boto is an ergonomic design ensuring seating comfort for students. The chair was created to introduce movement, allowing to assume two positions, one for discussing and listening and the other for reading and writing. Changing the position allows to relieve the muscles during many hours of study, forces to assume the correct sitting position during work, eliminating harmful leaning over the table top, and has a good effect on concentration. The crossbar under the feet helps to relieve the leg muscles and maintain a proper working position.

The chair is available in dimensions adapted to the height of the students and has visible size markings to help students choose the right furniture before starting classes. It has been designed to be easy and cheap to produce, which is crucial in the education sector.

The chair was created mainly for students, but it can also be a solution for anyone working in a sedentary mode. Thanks to Boto, we will take care of the correct posture both at work in the office and at home.