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10/960 siwaki- series of ceramic dishes

project: Olga Milczyńska, Antonina Kiliś, Magdalena Mojsiejuk, Irina Grishina; producent: August Pracownia Projektowa Olga Milczyńska www.cargocollective.com/10960

10/960 is a series of ceramic smoked pots: a big and a small pot, a plate, a bowl, a cup. Pots are made on a wheel and fired in a traditional wooden kiln. The dark grey colour is achieved thanks to oxygen reduction during the firing. Clay pots are slightly porous, they absorb and maintain moisture, which makes food tender and tasty. The pots are designed for ovens and they also keep the meal warm even 3 hours after cooking. 10/960 combines both tradition and the modern need for healthy slow food.