a Łódź Design Festival plebiscite
for the best
Polish products


What is the procedure for selecting the finalists of the plebiscite?
The Board of Experts will analyze all application forms submitted to the competition. During the deliberations, the Board selects about 70 final products, the producers of which will be invited to participate in the must have exhibition during the Łódź Design Festival 2022, from all the submissions, as a result of voting.

Who will evaluate the works? What is the composition of the Board of Experts?
The competition is adjudicated by the Board of Experts, diverse in its interests and preferences, whose composition changes with each edition of the plebiscite. We carefully select a group of experts consisting of renowned architects, representatives of the media and the most important design centers in the country. The composition of the Council of Experts in the tab: Board of Experts.

Why is participation in the exhibition payable?
We allocate the entire proceeds from the fees for participation in the exhibition to the preparation of the arrangement and identification of the distinguished objects at the must have exhibition 2022.

How can I check if my form has been submitted correctly?
Each participant of the plebiscite, after submitting the form, will receive an e-mail confirmation of acceptance of the application. Otherwise, please contact us.

What are the categories in which products can be submitted to the must have plebiscite?
'Must have' 2022 categories:

  • furniture
  • fashion (clothing, jewelry, accessories)
  • equipment (lighting, accessories)
  • construction and accessories
  • garden
  • electronics
  • sport and Rrcreation
  • kid
  • health and beauty
  • hobby, entertainment, education
  • services

What conditions must be met?
Applications for the plebiscite are open, accepted throughout the year and free of charge. In order for a product to be considered, it must meet two conditions: the manufacturer or designer or the design group must come from Poland and be sold on a regular basis. An additional advantage will be the application of products that meet the needs of consumers today - they are socially sensitive, created for the sake of resources and do not create waste, care for health or are ideal for a home office.

How many stages does the plebiscite consist of?
The plebiscite consists of two stages. In the first stage, a group of finalists will be selected (approx. 70 projects), while in the second stage, we invite you to participate in the 'must have' 2022 exhibition accompanying the 16th edition of the Łódź Design Festival.

Can I submit more than one product?
One person / project group / producer can send any number of applications. Each product must be sent in a separate application form available at www.musthave.lodzdesign.com in the "Application Form" tab, the exception are entire lines / collections under one name that can be submitted in one form.

Can I submit a project that is not yet available for sale?
No, all submitted products must be available for sale at the time of submitting to the plebiscite. 

Can I submit a product that has not been released yet?
Yes. It is important that the product is available for sale in March 2022, when the Board of Experts will select the best must have 2022 products.