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Psiechadzka - family board game

project, koncepcja, publisher: Katarzyna Walentynowicz, producent: Katarzyna Walentynowicz https://kasiawalentynowicz.com/produkt/psiechadzka-gra-planszowa

The game will take you for a walk with your canine friend. In the box you will find 2 boards: a walk with a dog and a walk with a human. 1. the board allows you to play the role of an owner taking their canine friend for a walk - you will be able to observe the dog's behaviour and learn how to react to their needs. On the 2nd board, you're the dog taking a walk with their human! What do you want to tell them? The game teaches how to look after a dog and suggests how to develop inter-species friendship through empathy.