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Fotel Gap

project: Towarzystwo Projektowe (Jerzy Porębski, Grzegorz Niwiński) / producent: NOTI www.noti.pl

Gap furniture collection  is distinguished by its interesting and cozy form that is a sheer invitation to relaxation.The modern and elegant silhouette is complemented by gentle lines of the armrests. The seats are characterised by an unusual construction that separates the backrest and armrest from the seat. The gap between the upper and bottom part - becoming the collection's name - gives the lighter air to the armchairs and sofas, which are supported on thin and slim legs.

Relatively small in size, Gap furniture is comfortable and discreet at the same time. Seats and sofas can be used to arrange large, open public and office spaces as well as supply comfort to the interiors of houses and flats.