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"Etnogadki, opowiastki o dawnych obrzędach i zwyczajach"

project: Monika Michaluk (lead&concept designer, autor), Michał Stachowiak (designer, ilustrator), Witold Przewoźny (autor, ekspert) / producent: Wydawnictwo Albus https://www.albus.poznan.pl/sklep/etnogadki- opowiastki-o-dawnych-obrzedach-i-zwyczajach/

Etnogadki encourage to exchange experiences and conversations between generations - so important to maintain folk and family tradition. The content of the book shows the natural conception of time and the annual ritual cycle associated with it, reveals the sources and non-commercial aspects of the holidays and shows how life and craft looked like in the ancient countryside.The authors of the book are designers, Monika Michaluk and Michał Stachowiak, as well as ethnographer, Witold Przewoźny. Etnogadki created by this interdisciplinary team, is an accessible source of knowledge about the native tradition and a colorful trip to the land of our ancestors, which is led by the wise Owl. It is a mysterious clock that takes the readers through the story and has a power to make them time travel. Thanks to this journey, we can rediscover the magic of the modern world, which - like a small, fairy tale village - is still dependent on the forces of nature.