a plebiscite
for designers
at the Lodz Design Festival


Trendy i owędy, czyli czego nie wiedzieliście o modzie, a chcielibyście wiedzieć

Project: Alicja Budzyńska, Katarzyna Olech Michałowska, Agata Raczyńska; Publisher: Egmont www.egmont.pl

The Neverending Hitory of being Trendy – what you did not but would like to know about fashion A beautiful book full of fashion’s beauty. A history of fashion in a nutshell. For the younger and the older Fashion from different cultures and times – from ancient Egipt to modern times. Clothes, accessoires, trends, hairstyles, patterns and others royal dresses, sport outfits, military uniforms, subcultures’ clothing ideas – see them all Learn about fashion icons, what they loved. Understand differences between Dior and Chanel, and what is haute couture Fashion is the heartbeat of ART and LIFE