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Mam zespół Aspergera. Podręcznik dla uczniów i nauczycieli

Project: Stowarzyszenie "Z Siedzibą w Warszawie" - Edyta Ołdak, Karolina Dyrda, Jolka Rosińska, Michał Kłosiński; Producer: Stowarzyszenie "Z Siedzibą w Warszawie" www.wwarszawie.org.pl

The notebook is the result of a joint effort of therapists, educators and new technology specialists. It has been created to make it easier for children to understand how their peers with Asperger’s syndrome perceive the world. Additionally, we have enriched the notebook with lesson plans based on, among others, the Arduino systems. They are social skills workshops that take advantage of the fact that children with Asperger’s syndrome have a passion for electronics and mechanics