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Collection of floodlight Reel

Project: Fabian Baumann; Producer: Chors www.chors.pl

The Reel Family is inspired by the most well-known ideals in lighting: The sun and the moon. With the natural beauty and high symmetry of their circular shape, they inspired us to create a family of lamps with a very tight geometric limitation.The entire Reel family is based on strictly circular elements – combined to achieve functionality.The aim of the design is to minimize the complexity of the product and at the same time offer a high geometric contrast to the rectangular space we illuminate. Every detail of Reel’s solid aluminium body celebrates the simplicity of the overall design idea – no visible cables, well defined seams and perfect proportions. The state-of-the-art LED technology and adjustable lenses deliver an unmatched performance. With its various products, the reel family can cover all sorts of lighting needs from spot light to diffuse light allowing to equip retail and service space fully within one product family.